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Technique of Opening the Third Eye

Shiva-yoga is a technique of opening the third eye. The third eye is an enigmatic organ having a universal mythological history. It is the middle eye of Shiva; it is the eye of Horas of Egyptian tradition, it is the horn of the unicorn. The third eye is an organ apparently dormant but innately acquired by mankind whose awakening is the birth right of every individual. It is an organ of inner vision which embraces eternity, while the two physical eyes look before seeing neither the past nor the future.


The Pineal gland, known to be the relic of the third eye, is embroynical which means that it can evolve but its evolution is very slow. It is possible to quicken its evolution into a condition in which it can perform a function of apprehending events comprehensively.

In Shivayoga the steadfast gazing at Linga is of vital importance, because it generates magnetism which galvanises into activity the dormant pineal gland. As a result of sustained look at Linga, the transmuted energies rise up the nerve channel into the medulla oblongata through the pons then pass down into the pituitary behind the eyes.

“If we are really anxious to keep physically fit and mentally alert, we should begin to re-educate ourselves in the ways of living as taught by Yoga.”

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