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Sitting positions

Updated: Mar 4

Different positions can convey different things about one’s confidence, attitude, and even thought processes. Here are some common sitting positions and what they may reveal about an individual:

Crossed legs

This sitting position indicates a person who is confident, calm, and collected. It also conveys a level of elegance and sophistication.

Leg bouncing

Bouncing one’s leg while sitting can indicate a level of restlessness or nervousness. It may also suggest an active and energetic personality.


Slouching can convey a lack of confidence or a more relaxed attitude. It may also suggest a lack of interest in the current situation.

Arms crossed

Crossed arms can indicate defensiveness or a lack of openness. It may also suggest a need for protection or security.

Leaning forward

Leaning forward while sitting suggests a level of interest and engagement in the current situation. It may also indicate an outgoing and extroverted personality.

Sitting up straight

Sitting up straight conveys confidence and attentiveness. It may also suggest a desire to appear professional and polished.


Constant fidgeting while sitting may suggest a lack of focus or a restless personality. It may also indicate nervousness or anxiety.

Leg over leg

Sitting with one leg over the other suggests a level of relaxation and comfort. It may also convey a laid-back attitude.

Feet firmly planted

Sitting with one’s feet firmly planted on the ground conveys a sense of groundedness and stability. It may also suggest a practical and pragmatic personality.

It’s important to note that these sitting positions are not definitive indicators of personality traits. However, they can provide some insight into an individual’s mindset and attitude in certain situations. By being aware of our own sitting positions and what they convey, we can better understand how we are perceived by others and make adjustments as necessary.

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